Module 3 – Bone Stress Injuries

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This module will cover BSIs in sport, risk classification (high, medium, low), pathophysiology, the BSI continuum model, review of risk factors including; female athlete triad, RedS and low energy availability and review treatment and management strategies of common BSIs. We will review common BSI pathologies including; Lower leg – Tibial & Foot – Metatarsal BSIs. This module will be presented by Josiah Ayling.

2 reviews for Module 3 – Bone Stress Injuries

  1. Mitchel

    Great Course!! Very valuable information that I can use straight away in my current work with endurance based athletes. I found the pathophysiology explanation and practical management strategies particularly helpful. Great value across the 4 course package.
    Excited to see if they release any other courses in the future!

  2. Taylor (verified owner)

    Good to review pathophys of this category. The course was particularly helpful when going into specifics of periodising exercise interventions and quantifying load management for an effective rehabilitation and safe return to sport.

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