Module 2 – Soft Tissue Injuries

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This module will cover muscle injury classification models, pathobiology, clinical practice guidelines for acute management, healing mechanisms and optimal loading strategies and review the management of common lower limb soft tissue pathologies including; Groin/Adductor, Quad/Hip Flexor, Hamstring and Calf soft tissues injuries and will be presented by Josiah Ayling.

4 reviews for Module 2 – Soft Tissue Injuries

  1. Dilki (verified owner)

    As a new grad, this course was the perfect way to further develop my knowledge. I found the optimal loading strategies & treatment examples for each of the pathologies extremely valuable.

  2. Michael

    Really nice presentation of the fundamentals needed for rehab.

  3. David Watts

    A world class presentation with high-quality research easily applied to musculoskeletal rehabilitation settings. Highly recommended for all treating practitioners looking to further their knowledge.

  4. Maryam Rogers

    Well presented, inclusive of the latest research eg classification, and management to sporting, rehabilitation, and clinical settings

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