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Upper Limb Shoulder Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

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Approx. 8 hours

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$ 375.00

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8 points earned

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Course Description

Welcome to SSEP Presents Upper Limb Shoulder Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, an online education series delivered by Sydney Sports & Exercise Physiology.

This 5 module course provides a comprehensive review of common upper limb shoulder pathologies commonly seen in the Exercise Physiology setting.

SSEP Presents Reviews

5 out of 5

Brilliant course on LBP. Well presented lecture material and the demonstrations of exercise assessment and prescription in the clinic were very insightful. I highly recommend this course.

4 out of 5

Very useful for the clinical setting

Rohan Paddick
5 out of 5

Great course, exactly what I was looking for! The presenter speaks very quickly - I had to pause a few times, and will be looking back at a couple of slides 🙂

Carol-Ann Bradbury
5 out of 5

Comprehensive Bundle worth spending, and to further develop your learning.

Maryam Rogers
5 out of 5

Comprehensive overview of important topics related to soft tissue injuries, this is definitely a course to consider if you want to ultimately improve clients' outcomes

Maryam Rogers
5 out of 5

Well presented, inclusive of the latest research eg classification, and management to sporting, rehabilitation, and clinical settings

Maryam Rogers

This course has been designed, written and reviewed by current practicing Accredited Exercise Physiologists/Strength & Conditioning coaches working in private practice musculoskeletal sports clinics & elite level sporting teams.

Topics include;

  • Shoulder Anatomy
  • Principles of Shoulder Treatment & Pathology; Weak & Painful – RC Pathology, Labral & LHBT pathology, AC Joint, Bursitis/Impingement, Neuropathic & Central Sensitisation, Stiff & Painful – OA, Adhesive Capsulitis, Fractures, Unstable – Shoulder Instability
  • Review of Specific patient populations – Overhead athletes (Focus Area), Physical workers, General Populations
  • Management Principles – Load management, Screening & monitoring, Biopsychosocial model, Injury Prevention
  • How to complete a high level Exercise Physiology Consultation: Subjective and objective discussion & assessment, Imaging education, Program development & Exercise prescription and return to work/sport testing
  • Exercise Prescription: Loading Principles and periodisation, Upper Limb Ex Prescription – Isometrics/Acute early stage loading, strength, power, plyometric and sport specific exercise progressions.  
  • This will be presented via 5 x Online Topic Modules = 8CPD

ESSA Approved Training for Exercise Physiologists

All presented information and evidence based advice and recommendations has been sourced from highly respected clinical allied health professionals and resources.

Every effort has been made to present clinically relevant and up to date information specifically for accredited practicing Exercise Physiologists.

The SSEP Team has 20 full time AEPs with both Business Directors working in professional sporting teams, exercise progressions and performance rehabilitation plans have been designed amongst our highly skilled team based on current evidence and current treatment guidelines.

We hope you enjoy Upper Limb Shoulder Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, and we look forward to you joining us again in the future.

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